A Blank Sheet of Paper

My grandmother was an artist. She spent decades with blank sheets of paper or blank canvases to soon became full of whatever was in her mind and heart. It could have turned into a mountainous scene from her childhood, a portrait of one of her children, or a bird she saw in her back yard. She was creative. She was a visionary.

I wish I had my grandmother’s wisdom. She did not fill blank sheets of paper or canvases with something that was not inspired. I, on the other hand, have often filled my blank sheets of paper with plans I thought were great and then had the audacity to hand it to God for His approval. How foolish of me! He does a better job of writing my story than I do.

He should be the one who fills my blank pages. My response should be to take those orders and fulfill them. I need not get ahead of God. He is my Guide. He knows what is best.

I remember the last time I stepped away from church ministry. Multiple opportunities presented themselves to me. Every time, God said no. I am determined to allow God to open the door this time. I lift my hands in surrender, trying Him to take the wheel.

How often have we thought we knew better than God? When He didn’t move in our timing, we tried to “help Him out”. What a joke! The Creator of the universe does not need my help. He wants to use me to fulfill His plan, but He could choose to do it without me.

If you are anxious about the future, stop trying to worry it into existence. Give God the blank sheet and watch Him fill it with things unimaginable to you. You will see that His ways and timing are best and have our best interest at heart.

10 thoughts on “A Blank Sheet of Paper

  1. Oh, my… I know there have been too many times I tried to “fix” things on my own. What a blessing to know He is waiting for me to ask for His help. He is always with me and yes, His timing is best.

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