My Favorite Weekend

For me, the weekend begins Friday morning. I set out to pick up my kids who are primarily with their mother. It’s typically over a 4-hour round trip, so we got into town around 1:30. The boys wanted a haircut, so we went to my favorite barbers downtown. We returned home for all 9 of us to go to our local Oktoberfest. I have lived in this area since 2009 (with the exception of a year away) and have never been. I loved taking the kids to enjoy the junk food and rides. Their joy brings me joy.

Saturday was a day I was originally dreading. It was so much better than I expected. I expected that 9 people posing for a church directory picture would be a nightmare. It was better than I expected. Afterward, the kids played on the church playground followed by a visit to my mom’s. The day was naturally filled with our family humor. My 13-year old son is normally the spotlight comedian. He wanted to go to Game Stop to spend some of his money. We ended up returning because he purchased the wrong thing. He thanked me multiple times for taking him twice. I assured him that he would one day (not anytime soon😀) the joy of a father to do good things for his children.

This morning, we experienced our normally stressful prep to get out the door to get to worship on time. As I am awaiting to see how God might use me in church ministry in the future, I loved sitting on the row of seats with the kids. Our pastor preached a great message (as always), and we enjoyed being in God’s presence with other believers.

Today, I drove the kids back to their mother as is the Sunday custom. I discovered that I was not too far from a pastor friend, so I messaged him at the last minute to see if he was having an evening service. I was there 23 minutes after it started, but it was great to reconnect.

You may think that your weekend was better. It may have been better for you, but I am thankful for the sweet weekend with family. I cannot and will not trade that for anything. This has been my favorite weekend!

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