Remember Whose You Are

One of my favorite pastors, though now retired, is Dr. Howard Wilburn. He was president of the Bible college where I finished my first 3 years. The thing I could quote him most for saying, especially when he would preach at the last chapel before a break, was “Remember whose you are”.

Whose am I? In II Corinthians 6, Paul states that I am not my own but that I am bought with a price – the precious blood of Jesus. Therefore, I cannot call my own shots. Paul also said in the previous chapter that I am an ambassador of Christ, representing Christ to the world. Dr. Wilburn wanted us to remember that God’s standards were not just for the college campus. We were to obey Him at all times.

How many of us think about whose we are when we are at work? At home? When tempted to trade in our values? If we are not moving forward with that mindset, today is a great day to start. Remember that you belong to the King.

5 thoughts on “Remember Whose You Are

  1. “Remember whose you are”. – That really cool Matthew thanks for sharing (great timing)

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I feel like I have been in the pursuit of knowledge so much that I have forgotten the basics, and that i am not my own.

    Great reminder

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