Don’t Blame This Generation!

For many years, I have heard older people speak unkindly about the younger generation. When I entered my first full-time church ministry, I quickly discovered that the older generation would lie and handle things as unprofessionally, if not more than, the younger generation.

It is true that more is caught than taught. You can tell children all you want, but our example makes the difference. That is not to say that children will not grow up and still make poor choices. I find it terribly disheartening when grown adults who now have grown children have less a sense of responsibility than a high school boy. They don’t have the common courtesy to tell people when they quit a job or how they really feel on a matter. Honest thoughts from this pastor – it’s pathetic! I’ve been guilty. If integrity and character is part of the fiber of an individual, it will show forth in his or her actions.

Bottom line – whether you’re old or young, take responsibility! Don’t make excuses for laziness! Be honest about how you feel. If you don’t feel like doing something, either make yourself or say you don’t feel like it.

Those are my honest thoughts…

4 thoughts on “Don’t Blame This Generation!

  1. Good word! The younger generation can drive some of us nuts but the underlying truth is, so who raised them? Then there is the fact that God made them for such a time as this, and that perhaps we need to accept that they are busy being exactly who God wants them to be.

  2. It’s interesting that those who raised the generation who then went on to raise the generation they complain about, don’t see that the change started with the way the raised their children who in turn raise their grandchildren. We don’t seem to see that the way we parented, everything we did, negatively and positively influenced our kids (maybe because we are too close to the situation) but we notice the outcome when our kids raise their kids. It isn’t as much about blame but rather about taking responsibility for our actions. That could be the start of letting this generation know that there are always consequences for our actions rather than just complaining about them. Great post – gets me thinking about my grandkids and the influence I have had on them indirectly when I raised their fathers.

  3. Every generation since Adam and Eve has looked for shortcuts. It has formed the birth of our modern conveniences, but every generation has also taken cuts in parenting. In reading through from 1 Samuel through 2 Kings, it is amazing how many kings did not discipline their sons, and thus produced rotten kings for the next generation to deal with. Even David seemed to be a absentee father with some of his sons. If we don’t like how our kids turned out, we should first look in the mirror.

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