…safe sin…

Kenn Smith has written a great post about pride. Please swallow your pride and read it. We’re all guilty if we’re honest.

Kenn's Komments

There is a sin all of us suffer from…one we will readily confess too.  Seems like we feel secure in the numbers.  We see everyone nod agreement when we claim to “struggle with” this sin.  It’s become our “go to” sin when it’s our turn to admit we’re not perfect.  When the discussion turns to our weaknesses…we race to be the first to claim it,  I’m talking about “pride.”  I put it in quotes because it’s typically how it gets used…not much real thought, the catchall for everything.  The problem is though, pride is a problem…a serious one…it sideswipes our submission, alters our abiding, and overthrows our obedience.  Yet we still seem to be quick to claim it…’cause it is still “safe.”

What if we pulled the covers back a little and dug deeper on this “pride”…and called it for what it really is…
(gentle reader…as we switch pronoun focus…this is…

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