Little Lessons | When Love Hurts

Love can be risky, but it is the heartbeat of Jesus. I couldn’t help but share this post from another blogger who articulates the risks and rewards.

Rejoicing In Hope

I am a worrier.

I don’t wear that as a badge of honor, but rather like a scar.

Or perhaps its more like a scab – one of those that you pick at over and over until it bleeds and it never really heals.

  • As a mom I worry.
  • As a wife I worry.
  • As a Christian I worry.

I worry about those I love!

The other day I was caught up in my thinking (worrying) and praying about a particular situation, and the thought struck me.

Loving hurts!

Lord, why does it hurt to love?

When we allow ourselves to love, we are leaving our hearts open and exposed. The more earnestly we love, the more vulnerable we become, and with every beat of our heart we are summoning pain.

  • Sometimes our hearts are returned to us mangled and defiled.
  • Sometimes we are left to collect the shards.
  • Sometimes…

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