A Joy to Preach Again

Today was the first time I have preached since I stepped away from the church plant. As a church planter, I enjoyed the casual atmosphere (specifically clothing), the more modern worship music, and flexibilities I had that I had not previously experienced. There was, however, a pressure that was probably self-induced to preach a certain way. Today’s atmosphere was different.

Today, I preached in a very traditional church. The pastor told me ahead of time that the people were very loving. I can totally agree with that. There were two things that stuck out to me that I haven’t seen in a while until today:

  1. The people seemed hungry to hear a message with substance. I preached about the example of Lot’s wife. Although she left Sodom, her heart was still there. Because she had a form of religion without a relationship and love for God, she turned into a pillar of salt. Although I felt like my message was filled with tons of Scripture and some long quotations from others who could say it better than I could, the people were very receptive. I experience that fewer times than I would like.
  2. When the invitation was given to pray at the altar, people came to pray. I can remember times in my preaching when that was common. It refreshed my spirit to see God’s Spirit take my feeble effort to preach His truth and do more with it than I could ever pretend to.

During this season, I want to continue to encourage pastors and churches. I honestly cannot wait until my next preaching engagement. I have no clue where or when it will be. It may be a revival, a single service, or some type of special event. All I know is that I am ready and surrendered to do the will of the One who called me. Here’s to seeing souls saved, chains broken, and lives delivered for the glory of God.

12 thoughts on “A Joy to Preach Again

  1. Amen 😇. Congratulations Mathew. You are the chosen vessel of God. This opportunity is not an accident, it is a divine providence. The God used you to bring his manna to the hungry and thirsty people of God. I am an ex-preacher. I still love preaching but due to no encouragement from the church authority I have stepped away from preaching. At the moment focusing on practicing. I am looking to God to open doors for the ministry in his own time. Thanks for sharing. I am thrilled about what experience you have had. As a preacher it’s always joy to preach and teach God’s unchanging words. God bless you more and grant you many more opportunities to preach.

  2. I agree preaching is such a joy, especially when the people are hungry. It has been six months since I finished at my last church and I am waiting on the Lord for what is next. Happy to do what God wants if that is as a Pastor again or just a lay preacher. BTW. Enjoyed your thoughts.

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