These are some great questions for Christians to ask ourselves. Are we spiritually mature?


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They are good listeners
They hardly take offense
They are quick to forgive
They are reliable
They are supportive
They have appetite for prayer and fasting
They rely on the Word of God
The more God lifts them up, the more they become humble
They hardly defend themselves
They are quick to repent
They seek peace and pursue itThey speak the truth at all times
They love people and they are compassionate
✅They know when to talk and when to be quiet
✅They are full of wisdom in many aspects of life
✅They respect people and are very sensitive to people’s feelings
✅They have a lot of patience and they are not short tempered
✅They fear God
✅They give honour where it is due
✅They are content with what they have
✅They have good leadership skills
✅They are hospitable
✅They are not carried away by all kinds of teachings

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