6th Anniversary

Six years ago today, I was ordained into the gospel ministry. I had no clue where the journey would take me, but I am thankful for those who have invested into my life over the last 38 years and those who will do so in the future.

Don’t forget to celebrate the milestones of your life and the people who helped you along the way! Some of those people may not be with you in this season, but trust that God knows what He’s doing.

Today, I celebrate because of God’s Grace. I had no reason other than God’s divine purpose that He chose to use me. Let us strive to be humble and grateful for God’s goodness.

22 thoughts on “6th Anniversary

  1. Matthew,
    Brandon always said that ministry was your calling. He so enjoyed his time with you. You were a big influence on his life. I am so glad you are following the Lord and honoring His will for your life.

    1. Melba,
      I have served alongside many talented musicians, but Brandon had an anointing from God on Him unlike any other I have encountered. I still talk
      about him frequently when I reflect on my time at Southside. Brandon was a dear friend who gave a listening ear. I could not have done a lot of what I did without him. I’m forever grateful that God allowed us to serve the Lord together.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am glad that you are here sharing with us what God has given to you in the way of your calling and your giftedness. I am certain you bless many lives. I know that you have been an encouragement and a blessing to me.

    It was actually 14 years ago that the Lord called me to my present ministry, and I was just the other day reflecting on that. I never thought to announce it as an anniversary, though. So, this has made me think about that.

    1. I surrendered to the call to ministry on May 4, 1997, was licensed on November 25, 2012, and ordained the next Sunday, December 2. There are many dates I celebrate. I am reminded of the lyrics to the song “We Will Remember” by Tommy Walker. The only date I don’t remember was the day I was saved. I can tell you the place and the year. I’ll never get over that.

      1. That is very interesting, Matthew. I don’t remember the date I was saved, either, and I am not certain of the year, either, but I have always held that I was seven years old, so that would have been 1957 or thereabouts, for it was around that age.

        But, what I distinctly remember is where I was and what was going through my heart and mind when the preacher preached the sermon and gave the altar call. I think I was too fearful to go forward, but right there on that hard bench in the open pavilion I cried out my suffering to God and asked him to forgive me of my sins and for Jesus to be my Lord and my Savior. It was at summer camp at Beulah Beach in Ohio on Lake Erie.

        I have several dates I celebrate, as well, for it was in September of 2004 that I knew the Lord was calling me to something different, something I would have never imagined before, though I didn’t know exactly what it was then, only that it involved writing and giving out his messages. And, it was in November of that year that he began giving me those messages to write, and to place them on the internet, but it was the end of June of 2006 when I knew that he was calling me to write every day (nearly every day). So, there, I have 3 dates, too, but can’t rattle off the exact days off the top of my head.

        May 4th I remember in 1970. That date will never be forgotten, for that was the date of the Kent State University shootings. We were not far from there, at Akron University, and the national guard were on our campus, too, so that was a scary time for us as college students.

        Well, this was long enough. 🙂 Glad we have this place where we can come together and share with one another. Have a good week in Jesus!

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