Messy Christianity: The Way Jesus Intended

This past Summer, Pastor Andrew Stoecklein of California took his own life after a struggle with anxiety and depression. At the time of his death, he was preaching a series called “Hot Mess”. This past weekend, his mother and wife presented the message he prepared to preach the weekend of his death. I encourage every single one of you to take time to watch as these two ladies present this message and display God’s grace.

5 thoughts on “Messy Christianity: The Way Jesus Intended

  1. These two sisters are so much full of grace. The Lord has given them so much strength to handle this tragedy and loss. I admire their faith and courage. There is no dent in their faith. They are not upset with God. They are fighting it out unitedly. I really like their life story. Thanks for sharing

  2. Pastor thank you so much for sharing this video. It reminds me of how grief really is corporate and how important it is that as the body of Christ we are there for each other. I just pray for all those who feel that they are alone that they know that they are not alone because we are truly a body and are in this together, mess and all.

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