Church Really Isn’t Cancelled!

Church building

Around midnight, I saw posts and texts about the cancellation of services for today due to inclement weather. For many, the idea of church will be put on hold until next Sunday or Wednesday (depending on frequency of attendance). A biblical understanding teaches us that the church is the body of Christ which the “gates of hell shall not prevail against” (Matthew 16:18). From my home today, I cannot attend a building that people call “the church”, but I can “be the church” (the body of Christ) to someone who needs it. I can pick up my phone and call someone and minister a word of encouragement. I can text someone or even write a blog post.

Born again believers have a calling and commission to BE THE CHURCH every day. Everywhere you go, you are on mission. What are you doing? The Bible says you are “a royal priesthood”, so you don’t have to wait on a preacher to do the same things God has equipped you to do. Live out each day as the person you are, empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the work of the ministry. More can be done through the efforts of the entire body of Christ than through just a few. Be a part of those who understand their mission and act upon it.

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