Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?

I have hundreds of bloggers I follow. I’m not sure the count at this point. The problem I am experiencing is that I receive notifications by email for several, some appear in my reader, but there are multiple blogs I love that I have to hunt down. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, do you know the reason behind it. Is it an algorithm issue like Facebook? Enlighten me, please, WordPress friends! Have a great Monday!

20 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?

  1. When you click follow do you also that you want to receive notifications as well? If you don’t indicate that when you click “follow”, you will only be following the blog but will not be receiving notifications of when they make a new post. Hope yhis helps – Sherline

      1. If you click on “notification settings” and the select “All My Followed Sites”, you will see a list of blogs you follow. Select each blog, click on “Recieve notificatons for new posts” and select “email me new posts” and select “ok”. That should do the trick. Hope this works for you.

  2. I follow…but have to uncescribe every time manually on my email. I do want to follow. But I don’t like the 100s of email notifications. I usually follow over my cell phone so I cannot choose I do not want notifications. I have to delete 100s every day. It’s getting annoying. Hehe

  3. Click on your account (the circle with your picture) and under notifications click on your blog and you’ll have the option to receive an email of when you get notified. It may very well be when you followed a blog you opted for notifications from their email. At the bottom of the email, there should be a place to unsubscribe if you wish to no longer receive notifications from that particular blog. That should help!!!

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