Santa Claus Theology

I was just sitting here pondering how much people base their theology on ideas from the character of Santa Claus. Think about it with me for a moment. Many equate the idea of Santa Claus, one who watches everyone’s good and bad deeds, knows their every move, and deems them naughty or nice. Humanly speaking, it is an unfair system. The principle that has crossed over is the idea that people have to earn the favor of God through “enough” good deeds. But how much is enough? The spirit of benevolence is not enough to get someone into Heaven. Most of us know that the Santa system really doesn’t play by the rules anyway, so we can do as we please and still get what we want for Christmas.

Biblical theology isn’t fair either. Christ suffered a cruel death on a cross when we should have carried the punishment of our own sin. His righteousness applied to the believing sinner isn’t fair when people compare it to a works-based system. We should all go to hell, but God provided a way, the only way, through Jesus Christ.

If you are spending your life trying to perform well enough to earn God’s favor, you can take a long break by trusting in Christ to save you. Get rid of the Santa Claus theology and trust the true Savior of the world.

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5 thoughts on “Santa Claus Theology

  1. Well said….in a sermon I once described the many “ways” people see God…and one of them was The Santa Claus God….and my conclusion was the same as yours….we still get presents anyways….be blessed my Brother and Friend!

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