I am sitting in a fast food establishment during my lunch break, watching the different people who come through or sit down. For the record, I am NOT stalking. Now that I have clarified…

Too many of us are way too busy to notice those around us. People young and old, rich and poor, those who have a home and those who are homeless were all represented. Some came in for warmth. Some came to eat. Some came for a place to charge their cell phone.

If you watch long enough, you begin to see beneath the surface. That’s what Jesus did. He saw beneath the outward behavior. Others saw an addict while Jesus heard a cry for help. Others saw a promiscuous woman while Jesus saw someone who looked for a love she could not find.

Could we slow down long enough to see the real needs around us? Let that sink in…

7 thoughts on “People-Watching

  1. Every person has a unique life story. People watching can give us a glimpse into the life of a stranger. That glimpse gives us the opportunity to pray for that person. 🙂

  2. True! We spend too much time in distraction to notice the nature of things around us. God has placed us here so we could reach out but it requires the observation of others.

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