A Busy and Emotional Weekend

I will begin this post by confessing that I was a grouch when I awoke yesterday. We had multiple things to do and were in a rush to make it all happen. Some of it would only happen if my wife and I divided and conquered. We were able to be a part of some great things our church is doing, so God softened my grouchy edge quickly.

In between the church events, I received a call about someone who was hours away from dying. I have walked with this family for a few years now, and I dreaded the moment this would come. I spent time with the family yesterday and returned this morning when this individual died. Some might expect a pastor to be stoic or withdrawn emotionally, but I stood beside two of our team members who also walked this journey with this family. We wiped the tears as the funeral home took this individual away. I left the home of this family and went to our worship service at church.

Nine days before Christmas, when many are enjoying the season, some will grieve. Five years ago, this time of year was not joyous for me. God has healed my heart since then. Some are alone year after year, struggling with relationships that are broken and memories of loved ones they wish were present. Reach out this season to those who are alone. That could be any of us one day, and we just might want someone to return the favor.

9 thoughts on “A Busy and Emotional Weekend

  1. What a humbling reminder. I pray that we look past the festivities that we all look forward to and look back to remember that there are people out there who need to be comforted during this season. God bless uou and uour entire family. – Sherline

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