Avoiding Hurt

I have noticed a horrible trend in my life over the last few years. When life came crashing down in 2013, I began something very unhealthy. I began to seek opportunities and people that I thought would bring little to no hurt into my life. I was done with the pain of backstabbers and toxic ministry situations. May I give you a revelation – you CAN’T escape it!!! Pain is everywhere. People can be mean (intentionally or unintentionally). My efforts to protect myself have been in vain. I have experienced ministry pains since then, and I am still re-evaluating this next season of ministry.

I know I’m not the only one who is in a battle to protect yourself. You have experienced heartbreak after heartbreak, and you have gone to the extreme where you have built iron walls and no one is allowed to enter. I challenge you to avoid that at all cost. The iron you use can quickly be brought down, and you will find yourself with the same pain.

Although it is not God’s perfect will for people to be hateful, He warned us. He also wants to heal us through that. Allow Him to be the balm you need to soothe the painful places in your life. You can’t avoid the hurt, but you do have a God who stands ready to heal you and make you stronger. He will use your scars as a testimony if you will allow Him.

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Hurt

  1. Yes! Using our scars as s testimony is so powerful and accomplishes the exact opposite of what the devil was trying to do in our lives. Something that has been helpful to me is to remember WHO the enemy really is…it’s not the one who’s hurting us!

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