And Just Like That…

I’m always a bit melancholy when December 26 comes around. We spend months building up to Christmas, and then BAM! The plug is pulled, and everything goes back to normal. The radio station play what they played before, and people act like nothing ever happened.

I find that to be true with people. They “encounter Christmas” in the sense that they say they are saved or born again. They go through a big deal and may even get baptized, but nothing changes. Everything goes back to normal after they have been “saved”. The Bible says that we are new creations that live a new life when we are born again. I know that Christ changed my life and gave me a purpose and destiny I did not have without Him.

Yes, Christmas is over in the sense that the festivities are done. The reality of Christmas still remains. What happened that first Christmas Day changed my life. Has it changed yours?

10 thoughts on “And Just Like That…

  1. I hope I continue to see and experience the change within myself, and within others, as Jesus reveals to me what He has done. I think it takes fresh eyes, a pliable heart, and a transformed mind to be able to see these changes. What do you think?

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