Praising Through the Pain

Anyone who has read my blogs for a while knows I really have a heart for the hurting. Been there and done that. Because I have seen quite a few social media posts on the subject, I will address the subject of praising through the pain.

This was something I learned when anxiety and depression hit my life hard in 2012. My worship became much more genuine. I began to look at others through a different lens. That continued as I went into my first pastorate and then through my separation and divorce. When I was unemployed and felt that I lost it all, I knew the One thing remaining was my relationship with Christ. I chose to praise Him through the pain. That does not mean that I was perfect through it. I had my lows and moments when I literally screamed at God, trying to figure out why I had to endure that season and its repercussions. Somehow, it always led back to praise. With hands lifted and tears rolling down my face, I would sing and recall Scripture and truth that would help me persevere.

This song I would like to share is one that helped me through this dark season. It is a song written and sung by Don Moen. Don is not the modern showman that you will find in modern worship music, but he was a pioneer who paved the way for worship to be more free and less restricted. His song “I Will Praise” resonated with me, and I trust it will with you. I know it’s hard, but you will begin to feel deliverance on the way if you could but just muster up a little praise. Let this song minister to you.

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