6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dating Someone

Many people enjoy recreational dating. This post from Sarah T. reminds us that dating serves a biblical purpose, and that dating outside God’s plan has horrible repercussions.

Let’s face it: relationships? dating? All are quite confusing some way or another, especially when you find yourself in the conundrum of being asked out on a date. What do you do? What do you say? How do you know if this person is a good influence as a boyfriend/girlfriend? If you are wondering if you should say “yes,” or even “no,” to this proposal, read on to find six questions to ask yourself for beginning a relationship. x

Ice Cream Party (4).png

1. Does he/she love Jesus?

This is kind of an obvious question to ask, but you can’t deny that it’s often overlooked in the beginning of relationships. There are so many cases where someone claims to be a “Christian,” but their lifestyle doesn’t back that claim up. In reality, if a person actually loves Jesus, their lives will reflect that love. Do they love and respect others? Do they attend church…

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