Make Yourself Do It!

During this time of year, I often deal with seasonal depression. Over the last few weeks, I have not had the desire to do the things that interest me most. This morning, I began catching up on blog reading (which I had to force myself to do).

Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to do what we enjoy. Once we do, we are glad we did. Although I had almost a month’s worth of blog posts to read, I began experiencing the joy of reading what others write, especially in relation to their spiritual growth.

Maybe you are like me. You don’t like being down, but you feel stuck in that seasonal funk. I know that you are tempted to isolate yourself. I do that all too well. Take that first step. Nothing that is of benefit is always easy. Push yourself and experience the joy and reward of doing what you enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Make Yourself Do It!

  1. You’ve exactly mentioned what is going on with me. I feel that I have that “seasonal funk” and I need to return back to my international family and postings on my site. Thank you for that push I needed. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Brother, I think at some point in everyone’s life they deal with this issue, I know I have. From my former service, I had many years of dealing with PTSD and my while would force me to get out of the house lol. Seminary helped a lot and the fellowship I got from traveling. Thank you for your encouragement !

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