The Meaning of Holiness

Holiness is not something that is emphasized much anymore. David Ruybalid does a great job here explaining holiness and calling us once again to be holy as our God is holy.

I Doubt it!


I graduated from a Christian High School. I remember a song that we would sing in chapels.

Is what I long for
Is what I need
Is what you want
From me

I would hear the word “holiness” often. If you asked the high school version of me what it meant, I would probably tell you that it meant “perfect”. The word “holiness” conjured up the pressure to do or not do certain things when it came to lifestyle choices and behaviors.

If you ask someone today what “holiness” means, the majority of people would probably respond with “not drinking, cussing, or ______ (insert behavior here)”. As I talk and engage with people about the Christian life, I believe that there are many misconceptions about what holiness means.

If we look at scripture, we see that God commanded this of His people. Leviticus 11:44-45, Leviticus…

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