A thought just occurred to me a few minutes ago, so I grabbed my phone, opened the WordPress app, and here I go. The term “hypo-Christians” came to mind after thinking about two similar words – hypocrite and hypochondriac. Let’s dissect these words.

The prefix hypo means “beneath, below, or less than normal” according to dictionary.com. The word hypocrite comes from the words which means “under decide or under judge”. In other words, hypocrites play a part while under judging others while thinking their judgment is accurate. Here is the mid 17th century definition of hypochondria: “via late Latin from Greek hupokhondria, denoting the soft body area below the ribs, from hupo ‘under’ + khondros ‘sternal cartilage’. The term was first used to denote a form of melancholy that was thought to arise from the liver and spleen.” Those who are hypochondriacs believe they are suffering from serious illness and are quick to tell you.

“Hypo-Christians” have a serious illness. They are under the impression that their good performance for others will convince others of their spirituality while they cannot fool God. They perform for an audience of many while forgetting they are only predominately accountable to the Audience of One. Christ is the righteous Judge.

Jesus made some pretty strong statements about “hypo-Christians”. In Matthew 15, he described these as drawing near to God with their mouths but their hearts were far from Him. They can talk a decent talk, but their hearts reveal the dirt of sin. These will be those who did a ton of things in Jesus’ name, only to hear, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” This is the saddest of all.

True Christianity comes when God’s Holy Spirit convicts sinners who respond in repentance and faith. Their actions flow from a changed heart. False Christianity plays a part while true Christianity flows from a life that has been changed.

If you are playing a part but have no sorrow over sin, something must change. Mere church attendance and impressive prayers won’t cut it. God knows those who are His. You can fool others, but you can’t fool Him.

18 thoughts on “Hypo-Christians

  1. You can’t be a “true” Christian without proclaiming to others and showing the true love in your heart that you received from Christ when you were born again in him! Neat post!

  2. When I first starting reading your post, I thought it was going to be derogatory toward Christians. I’m glad I kept reading! Wonderful post and truth to the reality of false praisers. Hypo-Christians couldn’t be a better word! ❤

  3. Thanks for your thought provoking post!

    A true Christian is one where the fruit of the Holy Spirit is evident in their lives by others. To some it will be a means of encouragement, strength and hope, whilst others His [the Holy Spirit’s] fruit will produce a negative response. Paul says, that if we really want to live godly lives we will suffer persecution (2 Tim 3:12). Oh that more Christians will respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in living godly lives. May God help us all.

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