Toxic Masculinity

There has been much controversy surrounding the Gillette commercial that targeted things such as bullying and toxic masculinity. After I read about the uproar, I decided to watch the commercial to see what was so bad about it. You will both agree and disagree with me on this if you hang on to the end of this post. I did not see where they were attempting to de-masculinize men but rather to encourage men to be a balance of what the world considers manly and the softer side that doesn’t always have to prove masculinity. If Gillette’s intention was de-masculinization, shame on them! I can see where many would interpret the commercial as more controversial because of the push toward gender neutrality and transgenderism.

If you disagree with me on that, I think you will agree with the rest of this post (if you are a conservative). There is nothing wrong with masculinity. God created male and female. He designed each to fulfill certain roles. Some personalities of each sex can be stronger than the other at times, but God physically created them differently. God wired me to love the femininity and nurturing nature of a lady. Many men would agree with me on this. I want to make it clear than God made no mistake creating people as they are. Unfortunately, there are abnormalities with people at birth. This is the result of living in a sin-cursed world. Nonetheless, God created us uniquely.

Back to the subject of masculinity. I do believe there are ideas of masculinity that are toxic. Beating your wife does not make you more of a man. Wearing cowboy boots and having a big belt buckle does not make a man more masculine. Having multiple sex partners does not a man make. This is toxic.

Real masculinity does have some innate traits. Men, when functioning in a healthy manner, tend to protect and be more aggressive. I’m not talking about beating up people. They will protect those they love. They will work hard. Women will do the same in the way God designed them. We should celebrate the differences between men and women. I don’t know how I would do if my wife were the same as I am.

With this said, let’s embrace the way GOD designed it rather than conform to what society is trying to re-create.

18 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity

  1. As a man who doesn’t quite fit gender role expectations, I refuse to allow social norms of “acceptable masculinity” influence me. There is only one example of masculinity that I wish to emulate, that example is Jesus Christ.

  2. Well said. I’ve come to the conclusion that my biggest annoyance with this whole thing is the culture that creates and promotes this “toxic” nonsense is now climbing up on some moral pedestal to preach against it. You can’t espouse a ‘do whatever ever you want’ kind of philosophy that embraces for example abortion (Gillette donates to planned parenthood), and then presume to tell everyone to behave better. Makes no sense. If everything is subjective, then they can’t just suddenly be objective about certain things to gain points with the social justice groups ( and let’s face it, the razor company doesn’t care about any of that stuff.) Anyways… excellent post. This whole debacle at least makes people think more deeply about this stuff, which is a good thing.

  3. I just think at least some of there examples are just plain stupid. In one one guy calls a woman sweety, oh my god, what harassment…. In the other a guy wants to go talk to a woman is stopped by the other because it´s not cool… How do you get to know someone if you´re not allowed to talk to them?

    1. Specifically the example of the guy who wants to go talk to a woman and is stopped, I’m pretty sure that’s meant to call out the catcalling and unwanted pursuit women might experience walking down the street. The actors do a good job portraying that this isn’t some guy who is interested in connecting and developing a relationship with a person he cares about. Reading up on women’s perspective of catcalling and the rest of what that entails helps me see that yeah there’s “trying to get to know somebody” and then there’s what happens more often—responding to a woman as an object that looks good.

      1. Unfortunately… Almost every encounter with a woman is first and foremost, “oh, she looks good, let’s get to know her”. Also, that whole cat calling business… Most men don’t do that, most in today’s society are even afraid of doing that. Except in many black and Hispanic cultures, where it is even appreciated from the women. And yeah, I was in a relationship with an African woman, so I fairly know what I’m talking about

      2. Obviously people are going to be motivated to pursue other people whom they find attractive. That’s not the issue; the problem is when people act out only the lust and not a genuine interest in another person.
        It seems like a lot more women are sharing their experiences and stepping up to say, “Hey, this is not okay.” And that’s not coming from only black and Hispanic women, nor is it always appreciated.
        I don’t know firsthand how much unwanted attention of that sort women receive in general, but I trust that they know what they’re talking about.

      3. Well, every woman I talked with about the commercial finds that this commercial is BS. Also, you know what they said in the old days: stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. As long as it doesn’t get physical, maybe we should teach people to get tougher instead of whining about everything. Also, I didn’t actually wanted to bring it to this “level”, but have you recognized what colour of skin 90% of the perpetrators have, even though statistics say otherwise?
        However, last thing from me: You can “learn” from this commercial if you want to, that’s your choice. I, however, think it’s nothing more than a Joke. Have a nice time, pal😉

  4. The only thing I took from that commercial (a positive) is that men should stop other men from participating in bad behavior by being a good example.
    Okay, great.
    The rest is fodder

  5. Commercials as this promote a message. But the message is not why we should buy their razor. I think it will do not much for sales. It may even drive men to some other company.
    There is one thing that has gone wrong with both men and women. The feminist movement has veered away from its purpose of equality where common sense so affirms. And in so doing, has not only de-feminized women, but, has also marginalized men. Creating a divide that makes each combatant rather than compatible.
    The cure-all is the revival of a lost art. That of men striving to be gentlemen, and women striving to be ladies. Each will be rediscovered in Genesis. Where before the fall there was both a respect for self and a respect for other.

  6. Great post. I think it’s especially white men and boys who seem to be struggling with their masculinity and reacting in very toxic especially often racist ways, i’m sure i’m not the only one who has noticed that and i’m glad people are talking about this stuff. Thank you!

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