Sunday Morning Struggle

You may look at the life of a pastor and think, “I bet he can’t wait to get to church on Sunday mornings.” Over the years, that has been true on some Sunday mornings. On others, it has been a struggle.

Today, it’s a struggle. Do understand that I am not currently pastoring a church and do not have a place to preach this morning, so it would be extremely easy to stay home. A few might notice my absence.

I say all that to let you know that pastors struggle just like everyone else. There are times we want to lay out of church. We have seasons when we just can’t seem to pray. We have times when we don’t pick up a Bible for a while. We grow tired of some of the things we see and become discouraged like everyone else.

This is not a justification for disobedience. I want to use this as an encouragement to get back up. Call on those you know who truly walk with God. Turn on some preaching or worship music and fight the devil.

Here is one thing I’ve learned. When all hell comes against me on a Sunday morning (you know those days when everything goes wrong in an attempt to get the kids ready and get to worship on time), I may get there with a rotten attitude but I do not leave the same.

I have heard many preachers talk about God changing your “want to”. The last time I checked, the Bible talks about the struggle between flesh and spirit. Paul said in Romans 7 that he did the things he didn’t want to do and didn’t do the things he wanted to do. Sometimes we must force ourselves to do the right thing. The easy way is most often not God’s way.

The struggle is real. So is the One who gives you victory. Fight the good fight of faith! Walk in victory even when you don’t think it’s possible. The rewards will be worth the effort.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Struggle

  1. Good reminder that pastors are still people, Matthew. Two things came to mind while reading this.

    1. I attended an event on fruitful ministry Saturday with my pastor and another lay person. At the end, everyone was asked how they were surprised or encouraged by the events of the day. Several people including me said we were encouraged to be around other proactive and passionate Christians. One guy said “Living in a small town out in the country, it’s easy to get discouraged and think that you’re the only person in the world who loves Jesus.” I’ve felt that and bet you have too. I’m going to try to remember that I’m not alone!

    2. When you said that about God changing our “want to” vs. the reality of struggle, it reminded me of church today. This morning in Sunday school, we read a section about how a person is a slave to sin before God vs. not being a slave to sin after God, and we said in our discussion that it was too black and white; Christians sin, struggle, and doubt all the time! Yes, we are forgiven for our sins if we are in Christ. But phrasing things in a black and white way as if we are going to be perfect once we accept salvation is both unrealistic and discouraging for believers.

  2. I feel when I see people at church, its something we shouldn’t take for granted and for many making it there itself is a battle in light of everything they are going to.

  3. My pastor has probably had bad days too, but he is always so cheerful and encouraging, you’d never know it! We just celebrated him and his wife being at our church for 25 years. I’m going to blog about that tomorrow.

  4. Love this post! We often forget that our pastors face the same struggles we do! There are many Sundays when I’m exhausted from a long workweek & the children fight from the time they wake up til we head out the door, but I’m always so thankful that I choose to fight all the excuses the enemy gives me to not go to church!

  5. The pastor’s job is indeed difficult. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to cope. That is why it is important that God call you to this position because it is easy to get discouraged. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts.

  6. Thanks for your perspective. Takes me back to the days of church with my 4 little ones and the bag full of creative things and books to keep them occupied once I got them all into our row of seats. Now, since my husband is yet to surrender to Christ, I go by myself. I like the chance to join the congregation rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord and being by myself, I have the chance to sit somewhere different each week. I love the overflowing love & joy I get from being in the house of the Lord and that I get to hand out hugs and encouragement to so many brothers & sisters in the Lord there! No, it’s not often a non-hassle day getting to church, but it’s always been worth it for me!

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