I am so excited about the upcoming podcast. I will be approaching the Christian life and ministry with the same honest, straightforward approach as I do in my blog posts.

I am calling out to my faithful audience. What would you like me to discuss? Some pastors won’t go there, but I will. Leave your suggestions in the comments or contact me on the about page.

44 thoughts on “PODCAST COMING SOON!!!

      1. Personal responsibility of a Christian. Morals in effect. Why are so many people in church and so few doing all the work? Why do we need motivation for obedience? That sort of thing. Love is our motivation.

      2. So important. Also is the wonder of God. People are so unimpressed these days and it minimizes the greatness and awe of God. Just a thought. The other is more pressing.

  1. Nice, congrats!
    Some interesting things to hear about:
    – Prioritizing God, maintaining a “Balanced” life/schedule
    – How to reach out to a friend who is slipping in their faith
    – Sharing/teaching the Gospel with today’s youth

  2. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the issue we were discussing the other day–new creation in Christ and the idea that salvation leads to radical transformation vs. struggling as a Christian and questioning your worthiness and salvation because of struggling.

  3. Great great great, can’t wait,
    I would love for you to talk about,
    How can a christian help her friends/family to follow christ too.
    After praying fasting evangelizing and doing all what is necessary to do but no results, instead it gets worst… 🤷🏾‍♀️

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