Pathetic Faith

I have to confess something right off the bat. Tonight’s message from a guest preacher got all over me. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit as this brother in Christ shared his testimony of healing in relationship to faith. Some of us are great in having faith enough to save us, but we don’t believe God for much beyond that. That’s where I am right now. My confession is that my faith is downright pathetic. Some of you might be thinking about the fact that I am in ministry and that my faith must be so much more superior to that of everyone else. Sorry to disappoint you. Just keeping it real.

Faith has to be exercised. I hear so many believers excuse pathetic faith by referencing the mustard seed. That’s a great place to start, but God wants more. All His promises are Yes and Amen, so I should claim them rather than look at them simply as historical fact.

How is your faith? Is it enough to move mountains, or is it stagnant? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. A strong biblical intake builds faith. It’s time to trade in our pathetic faith for victorious faith. Don’t you agree?

16 thoughts on “Pathetic Faith

  1. Something that really blessed me was realizing that faith is actually a gift from God. It’s a fruit of the spirit, so it’s not something I have to make happen myself. It’s also not our half of the job or what we must do to earn a reward. Some of our best moments with the Lord can actually come from those times of having little or no faith. I actually call them patheticisms. πŸ™‚

  2. “Lord increase our faith” As I read this message the Lord reminded me of the disciples who were following Jesus daily, yet they had lapses in their faith. Jesus didn’t smack them around, yet He spoke to their deficiencies of faith and continued to walk with them, encouraging them and teaching them why exercising their faith was important. They ultimately got where He was leading them, their faith was strengthened, and we have much of the New Testament Gospel, which some of them wrote, to encourage us along our path. Keep pressing and I’m praying for you Brother!

  3. Yes i agree, we must want a victorious faith.
    Yes God can use one’s faith as small as a mustard seed, but i believe He wants more, infact He wants all of us, He wants our trust to be fully in Him

    I can say my faith is building up in a miraculous way, i had no faith at all in the past, but through life situations God has been allowing certain things to hapoen which led my faith to boost up in a great way.

    But i do still have doubts about certain things. I must say I’m not yet on the πŸ’―, don’t see yet believe I’m on a 70%….

    Great content by the way, it feels great to interact with others, truthfully about our faith openly πŸ‘πŸΎ

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