Coming Back to Life

The last two months have been less than desirable. I have simply existed since the holidays came along. I have lacked the desire to blog or do much of anything. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

I can honestly say that this weekend is the first in a few months when I wanted to do something. I had to get an oil change and a haircut, but I found myself actually wanting to wash my car too. I enjoy my weekend with the kids, a financial seminar on Saturday at church, and two great worship services today. There is the potential of some future opportunities, and I am hopeful.

Coming back to life is a process. As much as we want to tell depression to go to the abyss, it is not that easy. As I go through this soul-searching journey, I see myself resurrecting. The residual effects of life’s difficulties were far worse than I realized. But God is up to something!

To my readers who are walking through a valley, God is taking you through a process. John 15 describes it as pruning. Sometimes He needs to cut back what doesn’t belong so we can bear greater fruit. As He is cutting, lean into Him. He will resurrect what is dead in your life.

9 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life

  1. For me it been a dark spot lately. My actual job is not working out for me and my radio station I settled down with suddenly change format. Christian rock is not a fad and it has a purpose. Also dealing with taking care of my grandparents. I got my life on hold it seems like trying to take care of them. I been praying hard and I know I am at the right spot. Not the job but taking care of my family that is.

  2. I am so sorry for how you are currently feeling Matthew. I understand that life can throw us about sometimes and bring us challenges that we feel are unexpected or ill equipped for. It sounds like you have had your fair share through out the years. I hope and pray that all will come together for you, and that God’s word will bring hope into your life, when you feel there is none. Thank you for sharing a blog post with us, speaking for myself it is really appreciated! God bless, Emma

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