A Divorced Female Evangelist

I know many are reading the title “Divorced Female Evangelist”, and all kinds of thoughts are going through the reader’s minds. Condemnation of divorce. Rebuke of the thought of a woman declaring the gospel. On and on we could go. If these are your thoughts, please dismiss them and focus on the bigger picture.

Jesus is on a journey. He stops for rest and water. Meanwhile, He encounters a lady. First mistake – He was not to speak to this lady alone. Second mistake – He was a Jewish man speaking to a Samaritan woman (a half-breed of the day who was part Jew and part Gentile). Third mistake – This woman had a bad reputation. She had been married 5 times and was living with a man at that time who was not her husband. A pastor friend of mine helped me see this through a different lens. She had been divorced 5 times. In a day when divorce was more taboo than now, she had 5 failed marriages. She couldn’t get it right. Many today would still write off this woman because of her past.

What did Jesus do here? He didn’t call her a tramp and tell her to marry the man she was with and stay with him. He met the deeper need – He told her that only He, the Living Water, could satisfy her deepest longings. Once she experienced His forgiveness, she went back and evangelized. She was a divorced female evangelist who told about Jesus all over town. Did it fall on deaf ears because she was a woman! NO! Revival spread, and many believed.

You may look at someone and think he or she is beyond hope. Jesus sees the potential one can have when He saves that person. Don’t lose sight of the big picture!

Image from media4lifeministries.com

8 thoughts on “A Divorced Female Evangelist

  1. Jesus tells us to forgive not 7 times, but 70×7 times. Essentially always. The only unforgivable sin is that against the Holy Spirit. And that is telling God…”I don’t need your forgiveness, I don’t want your forgiveness.” So there is always hope for those, no matter what their sin or how often, who seek to be forgiven. With a strong desire and effort to amend their ways. For those who come to Christ do not return the same way they came.

  2. Jesus made a habit of visiting those who the general public looked down upon. His message was “all can be saved, all are important.” There is no reason why He would have treated this woman any differently and we should follow His example. Rather than ‘judging’ people based on their looks, their clothing, their status or their lack, we should look at them through the eyes of our Father and see them for who they truly are – children of the Most High, Most Loving God.

  3. This is good !! 🙌🙌 I remember when God first chased me down . I went to 3 different churches on 3 different occasions and every single time John 4 was preached. . I’ll never forget . That whole chapter and one scripture changed my life. . “ whoever drinks the water I give will never be thirsty again” Thank You Lord 🙌🙌

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