How To Worship Without Music

T. R. Noble is one of my favorite writers. She has written, by far, one of the greatest posts I have read about worship. Please take time to read this and follow her blog.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about worship ever since last week when I shared Is Worship With Others An Idol?

Recently, I have been reading A.W. Tozer’s book, Pursuit of God and he mentions, *“The shallowness of our inner experience, the hollowness of our worship, and that servile imitation of the world which marks our promotional methods all testify that we, in this day, know God only imperfectly, and the peace of God, scarcely at all.” 

This quote may be shocking to read, it was to me because of how true it was!

*”To great sections of the Church the art of worship has been lost entirely, and in its place has come that strange and foreign thing called a “program.” This word has been borrowed from the stage and applied with sad wisdom to the type of public service which now passes for worship among us.” 

What is…

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5 thoughts on “How To Worship Without Music

  1. As a worship singer in church for many years now, I can attest to the struggle in American society to “perform” rather than genuinely worship. There is always a part of me that feels people won’t encounter God unless everything is perfect, or the song is just right. As if anyone can control the hand of God. He is always present and always moving, it’s us “worshippers” that have to tap into Him. True worship is between you and God, your heart yearning for His, your thoughts focused on Him-not the music quality. It is freeing for me to simply worship when I’m on stage now, as if God and I are the only ones there. This worship is what changes the atmosphere and reaches the hearts of everyone else. Thanks for sharing! God bless

      1. Amen, we always fall short in the game of “pleasing people”, with God it’s a different story, He doesn’t want perfection, He just wants our heart, loving it’s many imperfections perfectly.

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