God Blows My Mind

This year has been interesting, to say the least. I ended last year and entered this year with a slump into depression. That is not the way I would have chosen, but life happens.

It has been 5 years since life came crashing down. I must admit that, as positive as I have tried to be, I was not seeing as much light as I wanted to see at this stage of life. Then, God started something that I envisioned but greater.

I am glad to report that my zeal for ministry is coming back in a greater way than before. I am no longer trying to avoid the things that remind me of life before it crashed. I have picked up the things I once enjoyed and have found myself enjoying them afresh. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I cannot go into great detail about what is happening right now, but God is up to something great. If this materializes, it would kick me out of my comfort zone. In fact, I see it to be so big that I know only God could equip me. This assignment would take me to a greater level of dependence upon God. Don’t we all need that?

Some of you who are reading this are paralyzed by fear. You’re afraid of getting hurt again. You’re afraid of failure. You’re afraid of things that will probably never happen. You need to trust the God of the process. He is working all things together for your good…even the bad stuff.

As I am in this season of transition, I lay down my attempts to fill a void. I have attempted to conjure up all kinds of ideas without consulting the Lord. (I feel the stones coming because I know the rest of you don’t do that.)

I am reminded that seasons often last longer than we would like. They are often painful, but the end result can be beautiful.

Enough of these sketchy thoughts. I pray God uses them somehow in your life.

13 thoughts on “God Blows My Mind

  1. Looking forward to knowing what God has in store for you. It sounds very big, and very important! Prayers going up that it works out! Blessings.

  2. Excited for you man! Extremely helpful thoughts and truth here! Experiencing a similar transition and it’s so wild how God shows you the good He has been working throughout what seems like nothing but bad! Appreciate this Gold sir!

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