A Leader Is a Servant

When I was in college and seminary, there was much emphasis placed on leadership. The more I watched and listened to different pastors, the emphasis turned away from service and turned toward being more like a CEO of a business. While pastors and people in authority must be professional, they should never be “above” doing certain tasks.

Tonight, a pastor in the area asked if I would run lyrics for their worship team practice. My past experience has primarily been on stage rather than behind the scenes. Was I too good for that? No! Did it give me a greater appreciation for those who project announcements, lyrics, and other forms of media on screens in worship services? Yes!

As a leader, you will gain tremendous respect from people when they see you are willing to do the same things they do. They respect you when you express appreciation for their service.

At work, I have seen nurses do a CNA’s job. Not one single nurse ever acted like the work was beneath them. Why? They understand that a leader is also a servant. They care about their patients, so they will go above and beyond to provide quality care.

May all of us who hold leadership positions be humble enough to

wash the feet of others.

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