Is God Punishing Me?

I was speaking with someone recently who said, “I just don’t understand why all these things are happening to me at once. What have I done wrong that God would allow all this to happen? Have I been that bad?”

Let’s be honest. We have all asked these questions and made these statements. We have this false theology that every bad thing is a punishment from God and that every good thing is a blessing. That is so far from true!

Look at the book of Job. The first chapter says he was a righteous man. In other words, he had done nothing that would warrant the loss of all his belongings and children. Later, his body is covered with boils and his wife tells him to curse God and die. God was not punishing him. God strategically placed this in Scripture so that you and I would know that bad things happen to ALL people both good and bad.

The mature question to ask when you are in the midst of hardships is “What is God trying to teach me through the bad times?” When you remain teachable, God will make you a stronger person who will be able to help others.

10 thoughts on “Is God Punishing Me?

  1. Matt,
    Worthwhile post to ponder during Lent.
    We all suffer trials of life, not because of our own indiscretions alone, but by the fact that that state of being necessary for suffering was initiated by the disobedience of our original parents; Adam and Eve. Yet, though we suffer, it does not need to be absurd. It is absurd if it has no purpose. One purpose is that it brings us closer to God. He always is closer when we most need Him. And secondly, if we, rather than complain, offer suffering up for the conversion of sinners and the purification of those who are in purgatory. In that suffering has its value. Suffering is connected to love…. for no greater suffering was born than upon the cross; the greatest act of love known to mankind.

  2. The story of Job is one of my favorites and reminds me that the Father pulls me closer to Him through my struggles. He is the ultimate parent, giving us the right amount of difficulty to learn, grow, and shed the old ways of thinking that hinder us. Great post!

  3. Amen!!! I shared a story of how my mentor always compares me to The Book of Job. Sometimes people are too focused on the bad that you are exactly right that they cannot see the good.
    He gives us everything we need, but we can’t always seem to see it.

  4. How can it be a lesson if Job received double the livestock in the end? If the livestock was Job’s reward for being repentant, then why did Job’s kids stay dead? Also, what is a Leviathan? This story makes no sense.

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