Plans Changed

One thing I learned many years ago is to be flexible. Anything can change at any moment. Such was the case for our fourth of July plans. For the fourth year in a row, we had planned to go to Black Mountain, NC to meet a couple who were members of the first church I pastored. He knew what the pain of divorce was like, the experience of the blended family, and was the first to reach out to me once I was officially settled back into the Upstate of South Carolina. I’ll never forget that Sunday night in February 2014 when he called. I answered and heard the words, “Hey there, Preacher” on the other end. He encouraged me to stay in the game. He was one of many, but I needed that call that particular Sunday night.

Plans to go to Black Mountain shifted when we ended up with a few sick children. We spent part of today in a local Urgent Care to find out my 12 year old daughter has strep throat. We did not plan this, but life happens. I knew we needed to let the kids rest and not spread anything to anyone else.

We are so quick to boast about our plans. The book of James reminds us to say we will do certain things “if the Lord wills”. He has the ultimate say, and we are called to walk in His plan.

Don’t be discouraged by a shift in plans. Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted. Maybe the person you thought was “the one” moved on to someone else. It is difficult to see in the moment, but God is working all things together for good. God can take the worst of circumstances and bring something good from it. We must take the advice of Babbie Mason’s song title “Trust His Heart”. He knows best!

4 thoughts on “Plans Changed

  1. God speaks through those who have a heart for Him. So glad you had a friend who reached out to you. I had one of those, too and thank God for him. Right now I’m thinking about Joseph, and the detours His life took–and how God redeemed those “changes”….Love ya’ Bro!

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