Who Gives You Your Identity?

When I was in Nashville last week, one of the exercises we did within the first hour required us to list three things: self-narrative (adjectives that we feel about ourselves), satan’s narrative (what the devil tries to lead us to think), and God’s narrative (what God says about us based on biblical truth). This was a very helpful exercise. I would have added the narrative of others. Other people can often lead us to think more highly OR more lowly of ourselves.

Modern psychology often focuses on the self-narrative. If the self-narrative is bad, we change it through daily affirmations (I remember some hilarious SNL skits from the 90s on this subject). I know many people who practically look in the mirror and sing, “You’re beautiful, it’s true.” You know what I’m talking about. I tried that one morning when I first woke up, bedhead and all. I did get a great laugh. Seriously…

The devil’s narrative will always be skewed. He is the father of lies, so don’t trust a thing he tells you.

God’s narrative is what is true. I have often heard that God does not love a future version of us but who we are now. The closeness of our relationship is affected by sin, but the level of love is always unconditional.

So, what do you choose to believe? I’ve tried the first few, but God’s thoughts about me are far better.

3 thoughts on “Who Gives You Your Identity?

  1. I will chose (over and over) to believe Yahweh’s truth regarding my identity. I confess a His truth is not always chosen first, but His truth always prevails.

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