When God Makes It Clear

This year has presented a few opportunities to return to being on church staff. One possibility was full-time. For the first time in 5 years, I was actually considering returning to full-time ministry. My latest opportunity was one I enjoyed. I did a trial run for several weeks, but I knew something different at the end. It was not just the realization that this particular church was not God’s calling, but that my calling is on a broader range.

Sometimes we pray prayers like Jabez, asking God to expand our territory, but it may look nothing like what we envision. I’ve finally reached a place where that’s okay. I have tried too hard to write my own story, when God wants to write His story.

It’s time to wait! It’s time to let God be God and let Him do His thing! Let’s get out of the way so He can accomplish His greater purpose in and through us.

18 thoughts on “When God Makes It Clear

  1. Perfect posture Bro…

    “I have tried too hard to write my own story, when God wants to write His story.”

    This is the season that we’re in, where the Lord is ushering us into that “perfect place” that He has for us. Without any shadow of a doubt, we’ll know when He brings the right opportunity to our front. I’ve been in a holding pattern for a while now, and this is exactly what the Lord’s revealed to me. Three years ago the Lord brought me back to my hometown after being gone for twenty years and said to me, “stand still and see My salvation, and know that you won’t have to open the door, but I’ll open it for you.”

    Matthew these instructions blew me completely away and challenged everything I’d ever seen or witnessed before. Of course we read where the Lord told Moses to stand still, and in the prophet Isaiah’s testimony we hear him admonishing us to wait on the Lord, but in 2019, who does that, and why with all the opportunities around us.

    We do, if walking in the perfect will of God is our desire. We do, IF GOD SAYS SO. Be encouraged brother and stand still as long as the Lord says so! Standing in the gap and praying with you and for your strength!


      1. Have Your way in our lives Lord, and help us to live our daily lives surrendered to You and in alignment with Your perfect will….

        “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God….Romans 12:1-2

  2. I am curious. How does God speak to you? How do you know when He is asking you to listen? How do you know His voice apart from your own? When does His Will overpower your thoughts and considerations? How do you separate His Thoughts apart from your understanding?

    These were just thoughts I had that came as I read your piece.

    If He were always talking to you and you were just missing the call, how would you get connected?

    1. I am, by no means, an expert on hearing from God. God speaks to me through Scripture, through people, and by His Spirit as I pray. When it seems as if God is silent, it calls me to seek Him more to discern if He is calling me to listen or wait. Sometimes I have to learn from past experience when I heard from God and when it was my acting apart from Him. There have been times when God has stopped me in my tracks and times when He has allowed me to learn the difficult lessons of choosing my way. Because I am prone to wander, I believe I have missed God’s call at times. God has been patient with me and given me another chance many times. Just some thoughts from someone who is still learning.

  3. Excellent word Matthew. I just started re-reading the Jabez story by Dr. Wilkinson, what a great reminder that life is abundant as we are intentional about Him leading the way. Blessings as you seek His will ♥

  4. I’ve learned so much during those ‘trial runs’ and sometimes have wondered if I heard God wrong. But it is all part of our story isn’t it? And thankful God always has the bigger picture in mind!

  5. Amen! The writing He has called me to looks different than the writing He has called to. It is actually a relief to get out of God’s way and feel the striving stop!

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