My Last Two Weeks of WordPress Blogging

Since I have announced that my blog will come to an end on October 25, I have been blogging like a pastor who is transitioning out. I have posted a little here and there. I do, however, want to share my plan as I conclude this chapter of my life.

If I find any posts God leads me to share again from the archives, I will do so. I have been reading back over past posts and comments. This, in itself, has been a learning experience. I also plan to share what I have learned in the last four years of blogging. I think the lessons may be of help to you.

As I am transitioning out, I want to stay in touch with you guys. Please follow me at any of the links below.

Facebook: mdwinters103 (personal) or Matthew Winters Ministries
Instagram: matthewwinters1980
Twitter: @matthewwinters6

5 thoughts on “My Last Two Weeks of WordPress Blogging

  1. Well I found you late lol Just sent you a follow (living woman) so sad to see you but very excited about what God is going to do through you brother!

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